The Dave Nee Foundation depends on its many volunteers to support the programming and fundraising activities of our charity. Below are some of the opportunities you can participate in.

Events: The Dave Nee Foundation hosts three standing events annually. Our signature event, the annual Fall Gala, and Trivia Nights, currently held in the summer in Washington DC and New York City. Please visit our events page to learn more.

If you would like to volunteer at our next Dave Nee Foundation sponsored event, become a Host Committee member for our next Gala, or if you are interested in hosting a fundraising event for Dave Nee Foundation, please send an email to info@daveneefoundation.org.

Uncommon Counsel: Uncommon Counsel is the Dave Nee Foundation program with the biggest reach and influence. We are seeking attorneys throughout the country who are interested in leading Uncommon Counsel educational programs in the law school and bar association community of interest to them.

Please visit our Uncommon Counsel page to learn more about our growing reach and influence.

This is a wonderful opportunity to present a program that has been developed and in use since 2012. With technical support and training offered by Katherine Bender, PhD, our Programming Director, you will join the ranks of other like-minded attorneys intent on giving back and raising awareness about mental health challenges facing law students.

Please contact Kate at kbender@daveneefoundation.org for more information about how you can make a difference with law students.

We thank you for your continued support and interest.

Submit short written pieces for our e-Newsletters: We are seeking individuals to provide great content for our two newsletters. Our general e-newsletter reaches a list of more than 2,000 friends and allies of the Dave Nee Foundation. Our Uncommon Counsel e-newsletter reaches about 180 individuals working in law schools and lawyers assistance programs on student and attorney wellbeing. Both newsletters are prepared and sent four times a year, although we will send additional email blasts throughout the year as needed to promote events or important topics in the field.

We welcome written submissions that reflect a curious, intelligent and original voice and perspective. As you prepare to write your piece for inclusion in the e-newsletter, please follow these guidelines. You will have a byline and a two-sentence bio. We encourage you to repost content written for the Dave Nee Foundation newsletter(s) on other appropriate forums. Please be sure to include links to the Dave Nee Foundation website home page should you repost content. We will review and edit your submission prior to distribution addressing clarity, grammar, voice and relevance. Suggested changes are part of any editorial process and are not intended to be taken personally. Send your written material via email to Katherine Bender at Kbender@daveneefoundation.org

  • Article length: 800+ words
  • Article title: no more than 70 characters in length
  • Links: no more than 2 links. You are allowed to link to your own content.
  • Citations: Please ensure to include proper citations (we do not have a preferred format, we do want to ensure that when quoting or referencing another’s work or idea(s) proper credit is given)
  • Images & Graphics: You do not have to provide images or graphics with contribution. However, if you would like to use specific images or graphics, follow these guidelines:
    • Format: .jpg or .png
    • Size: Images must be at least 1140 x 468
    • Sourcing: Source images at the end of the post and include links to attribution when needed
  • Preferred Themes:
    • Concrete, case-based studies exploring the data and research in the field of wellness, stigma reduction, suicide prevention—in the workplace, legal profession, or in the law school environment
    • Thought pieces sharing one’s personal experiences with mental health concerns and management including but not limited to facing challenges and obstacles in personal or professional settings
    • Reflective articles on techniques or practices to manage one’s wellness
    • Uncommon Counsel content must be specific to the law school/student experience

Editorial Calendar (note the newsletter will only be published on M-F)


List Type Material Due Date Anticipated Publication Date


General List January 2 January 15


Uncommon Counsel January 15 January 30
2 General List April 1

April 15

2 Uncommon Counsel May 15

June 2


General List July 1

July 15


Uncommon Counsel July 15

July 30


General List November 1

November 15

4 Uncommon Counsel November 15

November 30