Thank you for your support and involvement with the Dave Nee Foundation.  We appreciate you taking the time from your very busy schedule as a law student to be present for our uncommon counsel event at your school.  We believe so much that student involvement is the key to the growth of Uncommon Counsel that we would like to ask you to participate in a video we are creating to be shared with supporters in 2014.

The purpose of our video is to let friends of the Dave Nee Foundation know more about our Uncommon Counsel program and how it impacts the lives of law students and how it makes a difference in the lives of the newest members of the legal community.  If you are willing to help us in our film endeavor, participation is easy and has a minimal time commitment.  Options for participation are included below.

Option 1 — Photos and Audio/Writing

Students can submit a few photos of themselves, either by themselves or with other people who are also willing to be a part of the video. Students who submit photos can also submit a letter/ paragraph, or audio recording about their experience with Uncommon Counsel and how it’s made a difference for them. The writing can either be read by the student submitter or by another reader. We would then include the students name, year in law school, and name of their law school in the video.  However, if the individual does not want their name used, that is fine, we can use the name of the law school, age, and male or female in lieu of a name.

Option 2 — Submit video

Students can submit a video of themselves talking about their experience with Uncommon Counsel and how it’s made a difference for them. Video quality can be video chat, webcam, or cell phone quality. If possible, students should be encouraged to wear a shirt with the name of their law school while filming.

Simple example- “Hi, my name is Kate. I’m a 28-year-old law student at the University of Washington in Seattle. I saw Uncommon Counsel speak at my school, and now I know what signs to look out for in myself and in my friends. This program is so important. Knowing that there are resources out there for people who are struggling has made me feel less alone.”

Option 3 — Live interview on video chat

Arrange a time with Kate that works best with students’ schedules and through facetime, Kate can ask you a few questions about the program and you can respond live while we record.  We can edit at a later time.  Students are encouraged to wear a shirt with the name of their law school.

Please consider being a part of our video about the Dave Nee Foundation.  It is our hope that when friends of the Dave Nee Foundation see the video, they will see the importance of our work and will help us to expand the program so we can reach more students at different law schools.

If you have any questions, please contact Kate directly at or by phone at 610-348-8422.