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Tyler C. Jarmillo Legacy Fund


The  Tyler C. Jaramillo Legacy Fund is now live and ready to take the next step towards promoting mental health awareness and encouraging wellness practices in the legal community. At the Dave Nee Foundation, we are grateful to Gregory Lamb for his commitment in the aftermath of losing Tyler to suicide to understanding the pressures law students face and how we can lessen those burdens. Thank you Gregory for being a friend and ally.

Tyler’s Fund will be used by the Dave Nee Foundation to  bolster our current and future programs, especially Uncommon Counsel.  The fund is envisioned as a legacy that honors Tyler’s dreams and ambitions of practicing law as well as her genuine caring and philanthropic nature. She dedicated herself to her ambitions, working tirelessly through law school and two attempts at the bar exam. Tragically, Tyler died by suicide after living silently with depression.

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Lawyers and Depression

Depression among law students rises to 40% after 3 years.


Facts about Depression and Suicide

Suicide ranks third among causes of death for Americans under the age of twenty-one, and it is number two for college students.